Enhanced fixation

Achieving good primary fixation remains problematic for patients with poor bone stock. Effective long-term fixation of cementless orthopaedic stem implants is achieved by in-growth of hard bone tissue from the patient’s own bone into the porous surface coating on the implant.

Our Solution

OsteoAnchor from

We have developed a new surface architecture for orthopaedic stem components which incorporates a multitude of tiny anchor features for embedding into the bone during implantation. It provides improved primary fixation compared to existing surface coatings.

A new technology improving the lifespan and stability of orthopaedic implants.

OsteoAnchor uses a 3D printed surface architecture to gently but securely embed into the patient’s host bone, resulting in improved primary fixation and resistance to micromotions once the patient starts walking again. A network of interconnected pores underneath the claws ensures proper in-growth of hard bone, and excellent long-term fixation.

The surface incorporates a multitude of tiny anchor features which embed into the bone during implantation that can provide up to 76% greater resistance to transverse motion under simultaneous normal loading compared to porous tantalum.

OsteoAnchor implants provided superior primary fixation performance compared to the control plasma-sprayed titanium implants.

Read full article Clinical Biomechanics

The OsteoAnchor surface architecture has the potential to provide significantly improved primary fixation for stem components in joint replacement applications.

Read full article Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials

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